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YouTube ChannelWe’re pleased to announce the latest installment for Tech Tak & Reviews; and that is our newly renovated YouTube channel. On this channel you will find: Review Videos, Unboxings and many more Tech Related content. We’ll be posting videos regularly starting April 2014. You can visit the channel here:


Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Headset Review


We’re not what one might call “heavy gamers” per-say, but when playing games using headsets we look for quality nonetheless. 


We have used the XP510’s for just over three months so far and can’t say enough about what to expect when purchasing this headset. Upon research when these first came out we noticed Turtle Beach’s website claiming this headset was capable of 15 hours of continuous game play; needless to say we couldn’t wait to try it out.

When opening the container we noticed very few components and almost nothing to assemble (aside from the actual microphone) and a simply connected set up worked directly out of the box. Our first few weeks of testing had been placed on the newest generation Xbox 360 and had very minimal problems. The second half of our testing was on a Playstation 3 and results mirrored those of the Xbox testing.

Out of The Box

A crisp and clean surround sound audio feed from within the headphones made it feel as if the game was all around you. The instant response of the Headset’s microphone made talking to other players an easy and confident experience. And the battery life was spot on to those stated on the Turtle Beach website.

Another great and useable feature is the Audio Presets. Meaning; you can literally adjust to hear things like: “Unseen footsteps in the distance”, “Weapons reloading” or “Tires screeching around a track”. Giving the user a unique gaming experience when using them.

With all devices one must not forget the obvious and expected flaws of a device; although this device in particular is one of the “less-flawed” devices we’ve used in the passed, it does wield a reputable function and design. One of the only flaws to this device (and this might only go for us); the ear-covers got very hot very quick. Making us play for sessions of 2-3 hours or less. As well as the black glossy finish around the outside of the headphones get smudged easily; we understand this might not be a problem for all of you, but it definitely became a problem to us when something as simple as adjusting a preset meant a wipe down of the device directly following a chore.

Every thing Included

Other than the few “cons” of this device we do highly recommend using this device if you’re looking for a crisp and clear gaming audio experience. They are definitely a low-costing alternative compared to the likes of their Premium Gamer Series. This headset falls under their Heavy Gamer Series and is cost effective to those looking to not spend a small fortune on a headset.

We definitely recommend checking out the Ear Force XP510 Premium Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Headset. It can be found here:

Apple’s Healthbook. What Is It?

There are many speculations and rumors of all the apps to be featured on Apple’s next release of iOS 8. And one thing rose many rumors dealing with the many possibilities iOS 8 may hold. One of these rumors dealt with a new app from Apple called Healthbook. And it is exactly what it sounds like; a health centered app. And this means, in short; it’s a health and fitness type of layout, dealing with multiple variations stats including the likes of blood pressure, physical activity, heart rate, hydration, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and weight.

Photo Credit: Mac Rumors

Photo Credit: Mac Rumors

One of the most noted features regarding Healthbook is the fact it can track blood pressure, and the 2013 statistics from the American Diabetes Association said “approximately 26 million individuals in the United States have diabetes. 1.9 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year, and one in three adults will have diabetes by 2050 if the current trend continues.”

So the very concept of this app can provide promise for those affected and those who are trying to lead healthier lifestyles with a very accessible option to keep record of your stats.


The release date of this app have not been released yet but we presume that it will most likely make its debut at Apple’s mid-2014 WDC. We’re sure iOS 8 will as well; but there are no sure-fire ways to tell. All we can do is wait. Wait and scatter through the ever growing web of rumors regarding the latest of Apple’s releases.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

Galaxy Note 8.0We’re all about Android powered tablets here at Tech Talk & Reviews; so once we heard Samsung had a new Galaxy Tablet on the market, we had to get our hands on it.


Now we want to start this review out with the consideration that we completely understand just how many “tablets” there are out on the market today; and we know that all of them don’t work the same, but a ton of them are build exactly alike other than a few cosmetic adjustments. However this tablet on the other hand is quite an easy use. For the first few weeks of having this tablet we used it for general user purposes; email, videos, games etc… and found the experience to be enjoyable and very easy to configure.

Almost out of the box it was ready to be used for exactly what we wanted it to. Everything from Pre-Installed programs and apps to the looks of the display; everything just fits with this device. Not to mention the look of the device, talk about appealing.  We then started using this device for more intensive purposes such as; Work flow, Content creation, video editing etc… and still came upon the conclusion that this device was one for the books.

Boasting a wopping 8” display this device is a great way to stream movies, videos as well as play games. Operated by Android’s Jelly Bean 4.1 it’s very compatible with apps on the market today. And the battery (during our use) lasted around 30 Hours on Standby and a manageable  10 Hours of Continuous Use. It’s no stretch to say that we enjoyed using this device and can easily vogue for its usability as well as its functionality.

Galaxy Note 8.0

With the pros of this device also lay the cons; just as every device not all is perfect and there is always room for improvement. One of the cons of this device is the front facing cam it features. A skimming 1.3 MP front cam is just a skimp in terms of what could be used… The back facing camera; a decent 5 MP isn’t shabby itself; but could easily be improved with the likes of 8 MP or 10 MP without extreme cost to manufacturers.

From the camera we move along to the “touch” sensitive buttons on the front; these are just nonfunctional to us, in the sense of the fact they are overly sensitive to even the slightest touch of even your shirt sleeve. Which can get annoying at the least and easily make for a problematic experience when this mishap takes place, causing work loss as well as other data loss in some cases.

Overall; in short this tablet is a very reputable build in our eyes and was easily acceptable to our use. Other than the few expected kinks we do recommend this device for those who are looking for a great alternative (in price and functionality) to the likes of an iPad or other tablets available on the market today. The functionality of this device boasts quality and a user friendly experience. Check it out and see for yourself at


Logitech Ultrathin All-In-One Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPadLogitech Ultrathin All-In-One Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

We’ve been using this keyboard for the iPad Mini and iPad 3 for just under 6 months or so and this far can’t say we’ve had a single complaint. For what this keyboard aims to represent and achieve we have to say Logitech outdone themselves this time.


The first thing we want to point out is the white and aluminum color (available in 3 colors) of our model; the aluminum itself feels durable in hand and of steady make. Overall in terms of design and feel we have to admit it’s a sleek keyboard to cover your iPad; partly because the looks but also because it doubles as a cover. With a magnetic flap on the top of the device; it allows the aluminum from your iPad to magnetize and cover your iPad’s screen.


Another notable feature of this unit is the battery life. This thing lasts an insane amount of time; bluntly speaking from someone who used it for long periods of time for weeks on end, I must say that the battery life is unmatched by other brands in this area. Especially considering the fact it lasts up to 6 Months on a single charge! For someone using this for; blogging/school work/ work it’s a definite solution to constantly charging up your keyboard every other night…which can be a pain.

As mentioned in the title this model is bluetooth with a range capability of 10 meters. Yet another great feature with this model. The keys themselves have a very sturdy and weighted build; while still maintaining an ease of use alongside. The “floating” keys style this keyboard provides give the user a like-feel experience to that of typing on an Apple Keyboard. It’s loaded with tons of hotkeys specially for the iPad (or iOS operating system in general) so it makes the overall experience feel comfortable and easy to use.

Of course no device is perfect in all matters so we must admit there are a few “cons” to using this device for its intended purposes (a keyboard as well as a cover) For example the aluminum covering the entire back plate is very easy to scuff and scratch. Of course we expected as much because aluminum itself is easy to scratch so this shouldn’t be an exception. Other than that we have enjoyed using it; a great solution for those wanting to get a good sturdy device boasting great battery life. Plus the fact it’s affordable.


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iOS 8 & iPhone 6

iPhone 6


It won’t be long now until Apple releases some type of idea or rumor about the company’s upcoming gadgets and gizmos. So we took it upon ourselves to go out and find some true meaning to some of the various rumors floating around on the web lately. One of those being the Split Keyboard, this confuses loads of common users to even the most experienced of users. A Split Keyboard? On an iDevice? What is this?

Well it isn’t at all what one might expect; especially when comparing the possible features of the newest iPhone to the likes of some of the gadgets already on the market; Galaxy Gear etc… So we must point out an obvious… THERE ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPLIT KEYBOARD INCLUDED; instead the onscreen keyboard is “easier-use” as one might have heard it called a time or two.

And one of the other much speculated rumors of the iPhone 6 is in regard to screen size. Now, we know what you’re all thinking, a .25593” addition to the screen… And although we can’t say for sure the exact size of the iPhone 6’s screen; we can confidentially say that it will be a retina display (obviously) with an upgraded touch interface (how the phone behaves upon gestures and movement) In regards to what the screen size WILL be is unknown, all we can do is wait for that.


iOS 8


It’s been only months since Apple unveiled it’s newest release in the iOS line and needless to say, it turned some heads. So many, that people began to vigorously pick out the bugs and litter the internet with it’s many faults.. Unfortunately the news of the flaws of iOS 7 hit the internet harder than the actual release in many ways. Don’t completely turn your back on iOS, we’ve dug into the deepest parts of various sources to find some pretty awesome information about the next release iOS 8. As mentioned above; one of these is this crazy “Split Keyboard” everyone is hearing about.

This, is no more than just an easier term to describe the upcoming features of the onscreen keyboard. For the iPad; the keyboard will be broken into 2 spaces on the left and right side of the screen allowing users to better type long sentences as well as make it all around easier for use. Here at Tech Talk & Review, being owners of the iPad, we can vogue for the useability of this feature.

Split Keyboard

Along with many unreleased news about the upcoming iOS release, we have heard that it will be built accordingly to handling a bigger and more responsive display. This could open up avenues for all sorts of rumors and features that iOS could have. We’ll post back when more news arises regarding iPhone 6 & iOS 8