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“Opera Beta” Testing & Thoughts Video

We’re kicking off our YouTube Channel with an overview and review of Opera Beta.
If you’re unfamiliar with Opera; it’s a light-fast web browsing option available on Windows & OS X.

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel!


New Addition & Video Schedule

We’re in the beginning stages of launching a brand new segment on this site called “Useful 5“; although self explanitory it’s quite simply; a weekly list of 5 useful software we’ve found among the internet. Each week will be a theme such as “Computer Maintenance” to “Download Managers” and all in between. We’ll be releasing these lists every week on no day particular (yet) which brings us to our next topic.

YouTube videos will begin uploading April 1st. And we have implemented a scheduling system for our uploads; videos will be uploaded: Mon. and Fri. for the time being. And we’re going to be announcing some cool news on our YouTube Channel so go check it out at:


Stay tuned for our weekly “Useful 5” series!

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Facebook Page

We have just joined Facebook by launching our official Page :

Stop by and give it a like- stay up to date with what’s going on here at Tech Talk & Reviews.

Tech Talk & Reviews YouTube Channel

YouTube ChannelWe’re pleased to announce the latest installment for Tech Tak & Reviews; and that is our newly renovated YouTube channel. On this channel you will find: Review Videos, Unboxings and many more Tech Related content. We’ll be posting videos regularly starting April 2014. You can visit the channel here:

Tech Talk & YouTube.

We’re in the very early stages of launching our completely remodeled YouTube page (link to come soon!)
We hope you all can wait patient as we get ready to unveil the channel.
This means: Unboxing Videos/Review Videos/ And Tons TONS more.

Hope to see you guys there!

iOS 8 & iPhone 6

iPhone 6


It won’t be long now until Apple releases some type of idea or rumor about the company’s upcoming gadgets and gizmos. So we took it upon ourselves to go out and find some true meaning to some of the various rumors floating around on the web lately. One of those being the Split Keyboard, this confuses loads of common users to even the most experienced of users. A Split Keyboard? On an iDevice? What is this?

Well it isn’t at all what one might expect; especially when comparing the possible features of the newest iPhone to the likes of some of the gadgets already on the market; Galaxy Gear etc… So we must point out an obvious… THERE ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPLIT KEYBOARD INCLUDED; instead the onscreen keyboard is “easier-use” as one might have heard it called a time or two.

And one of the other much speculated rumors of the iPhone 6 is in regard to screen size. Now, we know what you’re all thinking, a .25593” addition to the screen… And although we can’t say for sure the exact size of the iPhone 6’s screen; we can confidentially say that it will be a retina display (obviously) with an upgraded touch interface (how the phone behaves upon gestures and movement) In regards to what the screen size WILL be is unknown, all we can do is wait for that.


iOS 8


It’s been only months since Apple unveiled it’s newest release in the iOS line and needless to say, it turned some heads. So many, that people began to vigorously pick out the bugs and litter the internet with it’s many faults.. Unfortunately the news of the flaws of iOS 7 hit the internet harder than the actual release in many ways. Don’t completely turn your back on iOS, we’ve dug into the deepest parts of various sources to find some pretty awesome information about the next release iOS 8. As mentioned above; one of these is this crazy “Split Keyboard” everyone is hearing about.

This, is no more than just an easier term to describe the upcoming features of the onscreen keyboard. For the iPad; the keyboard will be broken into 2 spaces on the left and right side of the screen allowing users to better type long sentences as well as make it all around easier for use. Here at Tech Talk & Review, being owners of the iPad, we can vogue for the useability of this feature.

Split Keyboard

Along with many unreleased news about the upcoming iOS release, we have heard that it will be built accordingly to handling a bigger and more responsive display. This could open up avenues for all sorts of rumors and features that iOS could have. We’ll post back when more news arises regarding iPhone 6 & iOS 8

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Review

Logitech rose the bar for wireless keyboards when they announced the release of the K400 last year and here at Tech Talk & Review we couldn’t help but want to get our hands on it. So, we did. This particular keyboard was used in a “work-space” environment here at the offices of Tech Talk & Review by Kyle; one of our content creators here on this site (and YouTube)

Here’s what he had to say about it.

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

This keyboard boasts what many wireless units lack; and that is space. This keyboard, being the small-fit design it is; hosts an array of elegant and useable features, one being the attached Track Pad on the right hand side (sorry to you lefties out there). So I took it upon myself to use it for my everyday computing and saw it fit to point out some of it’s sleek features.

My first thoughts on the K400 were simply “a keyboard with a track pad? That sure does seem like something I could use.” So I ditched my wireless mouse and began to use the included track pad instead. Much to my surprise it wasn’t exactly what I figured it was going to be. Actually, it was more. This track pad (alike many on the market now) handles multiple gestures to navigate along web pages, documents and more.

Although it doesn’t feel sturdy in the hands; it does make a great addition to one’s work desk or even in the living room for the kids to use. It’s also available in a bright white finish (after we received ours of course) so it’s probably safe to say Logitech straightened out all the bugs (maybe not all of them..)

After a month or so of use; the keyboard completely died out on me. The whole unit itself quit working at random. Replacement battery after replacement battery to no end; it simply quit on us. And for that we all agreed that we probably wouldn’t be grabbing the newest wireless keyboard combo from Logitech.

Although this could have easily been a problematic component of our individual unit, we still are frustrated to say the least. The time that we were able to use this keyboard it worked great. Almost without kink, then the device simply quit. Coming from a company that reviews and uses a ton of Logitech gear; we were a bit disappointing.

Don’t let that discourage you from checking it out; aside from our functionality problems we enjoyed using it very much.

You can check out the Logitech K400 |