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Alternative Web Browsers

Chances are you’re probably using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or (hopefully not) Internet Explorer; and you’ve probably been using it for a while. Well here at Tech Talk & Reviews we’re mostly using Firefox.
It worked fantastically for a long time; until it crashed that is. We had no choice but to switch our main browser on the desktop we typically use to edit and such to something other than Firefox.
Sure we could have chose a “well-known” browser such as Chrome or Safari.

We decided to take the opportunity to experiment with a few browsers; here’s what we found.


Great Alternative Web Browsers 

1. Opera

This is the browser we’re currently using full time. So far (the passed 2-3 months of using it) we’ve experienced very little problems. The occasional freeze up but it quickly adjusts. It’s actually crashed 1 time! That’s all!
Opera is of course- FREE so  don’t hesitate to try it out for yourself; and get the unique yet familiar functioning light-weight browser from Opera.

Check it out |



2. Maxthon

Maxthon provides an entirely new- cloud browsing experience to the user. Allowing multiple elements of your daily use to be integrated with nearly every device you might use. It’s widely compatible with most systems so install shouldn’t be a problem. Oh yeah, it’s FREE as well. Definitely a cool option to try something new. Check out Maxthon-The Cloud Browser.

Check it out |



3. Midori


Midori is a light-weight, fast, and free web browser; default web browser of Elementary OS ( we’ll talk about that later) and is actually a very well-coded program. Definitely functions greats, little to no problems and installed on the fly. Very light and quick to use; response time is great. FREE obviously; check out Midori .

Check it out |


Those are all the main ones we tested; feel free to comment with any ones you want to see a mention (possible full-post) on.



iOS 8 & iPhone 6

iPhone 6


It won’t be long now until Apple releases some type of idea or rumor about the company’s upcoming gadgets and gizmos. So we took it upon ourselves to go out and find some true meaning to some of the various rumors floating around on the web lately. One of those being the Split Keyboard, this confuses loads of common users to even the most experienced of users. A Split Keyboard? On an iDevice? What is this?

Well it isn’t at all what one might expect; especially when comparing the possible features of the newest iPhone to the likes of some of the gadgets already on the market; Galaxy Gear etc… So we must point out an obvious… THERE ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPLIT KEYBOARD INCLUDED; instead the onscreen keyboard is “easier-use” as one might have heard it called a time or two.

And one of the other much speculated rumors of the iPhone 6 is in regard to screen size. Now, we know what you’re all thinking, a .25593” addition to the screen… And although we can’t say for sure the exact size of the iPhone 6’s screen; we can confidentially say that it will be a retina display (obviously) with an upgraded touch interface (how the phone behaves upon gestures and movement) In regards to what the screen size WILL be is unknown, all we can do is wait for that.


iOS 8


It’s been only months since Apple unveiled it’s newest release in the iOS line and needless to say, it turned some heads. So many, that people began to vigorously pick out the bugs and litter the internet with it’s many faults.. Unfortunately the news of the flaws of iOS 7 hit the internet harder than the actual release in many ways. Don’t completely turn your back on iOS, we’ve dug into the deepest parts of various sources to find some pretty awesome information about the next release iOS 8. As mentioned above; one of these is this crazy “Split Keyboard” everyone is hearing about.

This, is no more than just an easier term to describe the upcoming features of the onscreen keyboard. For the iPad; the keyboard will be broken into 2 spaces on the left and right side of the screen allowing users to better type long sentences as well as make it all around easier for use. Here at Tech Talk & Review, being owners of the iPad, we can vogue for the useability of this feature.

Split Keyboard

Along with many unreleased news about the upcoming iOS release, we have heard that it will be built accordingly to handling a bigger and more responsive display. This could open up avenues for all sorts of rumors and features that iOS could have. We’ll post back when more news arises regarding iPhone 6 & iOS 8