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Logitech Ultrathin All-In-One Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPadLogitech Ultrathin All-In-One Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

We’ve been using this keyboard for the iPad Mini and iPad 3 for just under 6 months or so and this far can’t say we’ve had a single complaint. For what this keyboard aims to represent and achieve we have to say Logitech outdone themselves this time.


The first thing we want to point out is the white and aluminum color (available in 3 colors) of our model; the aluminum itself feels durable in hand and of steady make. Overall in terms of design and feel we have to admit it’s a sleek keyboard to cover your iPad; partly because the looks but also because it doubles as a cover. With a magnetic flap on the top of the device; it allows the aluminum from your iPad to magnetize and cover your iPad’s screen.


Another notable feature of this unit is the battery life. This thing lasts an insane amount of time; bluntly speaking from someone who used it for long periods of time for weeks on end, I must say that the battery life is unmatched by other brands in this area. Especially considering the fact it lasts up to 6 Months on a single charge! For someone using this for; blogging/school work/ work it’s a definite solution to constantly charging up your keyboard every other night…which can be a pain.

As mentioned in the title this model is bluetooth with a range capability of 10 meters. Yet another great feature with this model. The keys themselves have a very sturdy and weighted build; while still maintaining an ease of use alongside. The “floating” keys style this keyboard provides give the user a like-feel experience to that of typing on an Apple Keyboard. It’s loaded with tons of hotkeys specially for the iPad (or iOS operating system in general) so it makes the overall experience feel comfortable and easy to use.

Of course no device is perfect in all matters so we must admit there are a few “cons” to using this device for its intended purposes (a keyboard as well as a cover) For example the aluminum covering the entire back plate is very easy to scuff and scratch. Of course we expected as much because aluminum itself is easy to scratch so this shouldn’t be an exception. Other than that we have enjoyed using it; a great solution for those wanting to get a good sturdy device boasting great battery life. Plus the fact it’s affordable.




  1. March 26, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    It is amazing too me how far these things are coming. How does anything last 6 months on a charge? Did I read that right?

    It amuses me how all of these things are white but why wouldn’t they be really? I personally miss my white macbook a bit. The aluminum shows finger prints and is just not as cool.


    • March 26, 2014 at 4:25 pm

      It is pretty crazy how long these devices are lasting now days, I remember when things lasted just a few hours on charge and a few weeks on batteries at most.
      I’m all for the white and aluminum design; aside from as you mentioned the finger prints.

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